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2019 State of the Cloud in SMBs

cloud in SMBs

2019 State of the Cloud in SMBs

Not long ago, we were analyzing how enterprises are leveraging the cloud for better collaboration, and cost efficiency, therefore it’s time to see how small and medium companies (SMBs) are doing in terms of cloud adoption.

Cloud computing is not something only big businesses use. The new wave of innovation and digital transformation trend determined even the start-ups to consider using the cloud. Even if the maturity level is lower compared to enterprises, the cloud in the small and medium businesses is slowly changeing in terms of adoption and migration. What are the investments made and what cloud services are most famous for SMBs? Read on to find out!
Cloud in SMBs

Cloud in SMBs

Are small and medium businesses going to fully integrate the cloud in the next decade? Leave your comment in the section below.

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