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2019 State of the Cloud in the Enterprise

cloud in the enterprise

2019 State of the Cloud in the Enterprise

Where are we with the cloud in the enterprise? That’s what we are trying to answer in this infographic. 

Cloud computing doesn’t stop to surprise us year by year. New developments, new integrations with other platforms, and new innovative solutions are becoming available for businesses. And who are the early adopters of this technology? Big companies or enterprises. 

In this infographic, the primary goal is to highlight how big businesses are using and leveraging the cloud. Migrating to the cloud is a long term strategy, and that’s why companies select to implement a personalized plan that fits them best. Of course, there are significant differences between public cloud and private cloud adoption, and also in terms of tool used to conduct the migration. Let’s see how enterprises are using the cloud at its best!

How do you think the numbers regarding the cloud in the enterprise will evolve in the year to come? Share your thoughts in the section below.


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