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7 Industries Impacted by IoT

7 Industries Impacted by IoT

IoT seems to be a point of interest for companies all around the world. This huge network of connected devices gave many industries the opportunity to evolve and reach new markets. However, there are still some misunderstandings around the impact that IoT has in different sectors. Some believe that it will disrupt everything, some think that it’s the key to further business development.

To make things clear, I gathered some remarkable statistics about the impact that IoT has on seven industries: Communications, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Transportation.

Read on to find out more!

What other industry do you think will also be impacted by IoT? Leave your comments in the section below!


  • Dan Keldsen

    February 19, 2019

    Rick – I enjoy your summaries of the latest research, but where can I find the deeper details?

    The stat on 53% of companies having IoT capabilities in their key business areas for example – if that’s TODAY vs. a prediction, that’s either a wildly vague definition of IoT, or some slim subset of companies that likes to live on the front edge of innovation.

    Please add sources to your posts – it’s both good for readers, and for SEO to link out to your references.


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