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Artificial Intelligence innovation brings to life new tech

Artificial Intelligence innovation brings to life new tech

I never seem to get tired of writing or discussing artificial intelligence innovation and how it can change the world. From the way, we interact with AI to how it is helping our business, AI has made an impression on both our personal and professional lives. The market is in constant change and ramping rapidly, estimated to reach $47 billion in  2020 from $8 billion in 2016, according to a recent IDC report. More and more companies have started to adopt new technologies meant to improve the overall processes and increase customer engagement. Let’s have a short review of some of the hottest technologies within artificial intelligence innovation:

  • Machine Learning Platforms – Industries of all shapes and sizes have started to use machine learning mostly for prediction and classification. Algorithms, APIs, development toolkits, all of these are tools provided by machine learning and meant to increase efficiency and improve processes.
  • Deep Learning Platforms – A particular type of machine learning that incorporates neural networks that allows computers to learn in a similar way how humans do. Enterprises are currently using deep learning platforms for pattern recognition applications
  • Natural Language Processing –  NLP helps computers understand human speech and language, it can be used for deep analytics, sentence segmentation and machine translation. Most of the companies are using natural language processing technology to improve the proficiency and accuracy of documentation processes. With all these capabilities, NLP is currently most frequently used in fraud detection and security applications.
  • Natural Language Generation – The software that allows computers to convert structured data into text. Now, NLG is being used in report generation, customer service, and business intelligence applications.
  • Virtual Agents – Chatbots are simplifying and improving interaction with customers. Allowing them to chat with a human-like robot, this will give them better insights and increase engagement, which in the end is something every business owner desires.

Regardless of the new and innovative technologies that Artificial Intelligence provides, there is a question that stays in our minds. Is it safe? This question requires a much wider discussion for another article. However, it worth mentioning that, like any other concept or technology that involves the internet, Artificial Intelligence innovation is vulnerable to various cyber-attacks, and it can be used for devastating purposes. As my curiosity never ends, please share your favorite AI-based technologies or experiences.

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