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The well-known drones, Miniature Pilotless Aircraft, Flying Mini Robots or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are rapidly growing in popularity. They are still in the first stages of adoption, but many industries started to implement such technologies to break traditional barriers. In

The banking industry is one of the fast-paced sectors when it comes to the implementation of new technologies. It seems that the past ten years have been marked by some strategic partnerships between banks and tech companies. These relationships opened

Last week I posted a new infographic on the blog showing impressive statistics about Artificial Intelligence. As mentioned then, my analysis on the topic was complex, so the information gathered was difficult to digest in one piece. I decided to

We will experience so many advancements this year, and I’m excited to see them in action.

The Internet of Things can be explained as the connection of devices to the internet using various software and sensors to enable communication and the exchange of data with one another. In other words, IoT makes the worldwide open to

Machine learning isn’t something new to the companies, but technological advances and the massive investments have made it available and accessible to every entrepreneur, no matter how large the business is. According to Forrester’s study, machine learning investments will increase

The fast development of the digital world demands that businesses must adapt and respond to customers and employees needs. But sometimes, the problem is that companies need to invest massive budgets in technology and also in people that have to

The Robots are here! During the last couple of years, Big Data and ML have changed the entire business landscape and reshaped everything we knew was possible. In this article we will discuss machine learning and how you can leverage

Last year I published an article on Fog Computing and decide to dive a little more into this exciting subject and share with you some more interesting insights. Fog Computing is real and we will start to see more press

In the last couple of years, cloud computing adoption has become an appealing strategy for more and more businesses. By now, more than 70% of all organizations have at least one app in the cloud. This is clear evidence that

Today, technology has everyone's attention by bringing new technologies which is making our lives easier.  Smart devices, smart cars, smart roads, smart homes, even smart cities, all of these technologies are here to redefine the way we live. It’s a smart

As much as I like to manage and write articles about migrating workloads to the cloud, cloud security, scalability and large scale cloud implementations, I’m fascinated with IoT and the myriad of commercial and home based IoT solutions, so every

Real and virtual are two opposites words that complement each other in a fascinating way.   Years back, virtual reality seemed like a Star Trek scenario, but now, it’s part of everybody’s life. Who wouldn’t want to take a journey between

I’m not sure if you are a Star Trek fan, but I’m sure you know about the high-tech envisioned back then. It seems that the Star Trek technologies are actually coming to be a reality. First we had a touchscreen

Democracy has spoken, and the UK has voted to terminate its membership of the European Union. As investors digest the implication of Britain's vote, the technology sector is also examining every possible angle. For now, the future is unclear, and there

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