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Decoding Your Confusion while Coding From The Programmer’s Brain by Felienne Hermans This article covers: - Discriminating the different ways you may

The internet is beneficial when it comes to many aspects of our lives, like ordering products and learning new things. However, web browsing can come with cybersecurity risks. By 2020, the number of data breaches increased by over a thousand, and

In the digital era of today, having an online website for your small business has become the need of the hour. With the rapid acceleration in the trend of online shopping, an online shop is a must-have. Even when you

Digitalization has had a huge impact on the way the world functions. It has brought a lot of possibilities to our fingertips. It has become possible to work from anywhere in the world and yet stay connected to the organization.

IntroductionOver the years, technology has evolved progressively and became an integrated part of our lives. One of these technologies that revolutionized the business and tech world was the evolution of wireless telecommunications.In the mid-’80s the world had 1G, by

Undeniably, 2020 has been rough, especially for those people who work face to face. Their work is now converted into a work-from-home scheme. Their work is now isolated, and it’s all because all are affected by this global pandemic. Everything

A data pipeline refers to the series of tools and activities for transferring data from one system with its data storage technique and processing to another system where it can be kept and managed differently. What is more, this also

If there’s one industry that’s under significant pressure to adapt to the current times, it’s the insurance industry. Carriers are welcoming a new generation of customers who think very differently about insurance than their parents or grandparents did. The legacy

This subject is a dilemma faced by system administrators and business users alike, with many having difficulty interpreting the difference between the two. There are a number of core questions you should be asking if you are in the market

The transition toward living in a real smart city has already begun, and in some ways, it can’t go quickly enough. Our ‘Smart Cities - Building a Tech Future’ infographics highlighted some of the benefits society will enjoy from these tech-forward urban

Nowadays we live in the era of cloud computing where everything is stored in a central server but as more companies are starting to rely on IoT-based technologies, the future is increasingly becoming more oriented to edge computing. The latest

A simple search for the term “Free VPNs” on the Google Play Store reveals over 250 apps that provide access to a virtual private network. While some of them are good enough for what you need them to do, many

2020 promises to be a year full of innovations and emerging technologies. As a business owner, if you want to keep your competitive edge on the market, you have only two choices: you adapt or you get left behind. I gathered

Everyone is using a computer in their daily life. If you think you are not sitting on your personal computer for a few days, you are making a big mistake. Our smartphones are so smart that can often out beat

When it comes to buying a new laptop, things might become challenging for inexperienced people. Most inexperienced users often end up with the wrong product. For instance, think about a person buying a gaming laptop when they use this amazing

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