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Cloud Based Recovery – Benefits for businesses worldwide

Cloud Based Recovery – Benefits for businesses worldwide

Every business needs to protect its data, and the cloud is a viable option to support this requirement. In addition to keeping information safe, cloud computing is also affordable, thanks to its pay-as-you-go service model. With cloud computing, businesses can back up data in multiple locations throughout different regions, keeping information accessible regardless of geography.

According to a recent study by TechTarget, the adoption of cloud for disaster recovery and business continuity will grow from 17.9% now to 28.5% in six months. Why the increase? Businesses want to improve the way in which they manage and protect their data and the benefits of cloud based data recovery can provide the solution. Companies are realizing the benefits of adopting cloud computing to protect from disruptions.

Here are some of benefits of backup disaster recovery in the cloud:

  • Increased data protection. Cloud-based recovery assures that data is recoverable and protected. With industry-leading encryption and security practices, it is highly secure.
  • Easy to use. Cloud-based recovery solutions give businesses access to easy user interfaces.
  • Agility and scalability. As any cloud technology, recovery solutions allow businesses to increase and decrease storage capacity quickly and easily.
  • Fast implementation: Cloud-based data recovery solutions can be implemented in a matter of minutes.
  • No hardware requirements. Businesses don’t need large server rooms and hardware specialists, saving power consumption and human resources costs.
  • Leverage existing IT: Cloud-based data recovery solutions interoperate with existing storage devices, applications and operating systems.

Businesses should prepare for cloud computing disruptions. Keeping the data at hosted environments, where the information is safe and accessible at all times. As cloud-based data storage and data recovery (DR) evolves, it is time for organizations to rethink disaster recovery and improve cost savings, collaboration and efficiencies.

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  • Anthony Gerr

    October 31, 2017

    And once again, like any other cloud service, it saves costs as well comparing to the matching hardware based solution. Thanks for sharing this information. I’m a part of a small business managing crew and we were exposed to the importance of DR plans only a year ago. Ever since, we’ve been sticking with cloudendure’s service.. we didn’t go for the most cost efficient, attractive simply because we felt like we had to put everything into this and not compromise on our capability of providing 24/7 online service.

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