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Cloud communication tools – Part II

Cloud communication tools – Part II

In one of my latest articles, I talked about cloud based social and communication tools that help organizations improve their performance and I mentioned some of these tools that SMBs should be focusing on: voice, email, collaboration, online backup, mobility and security. In this article, I would like to bring to your attention other tools that increase availability, flexibility and scalability for your organization.

Here are some cloud tools to look at for companies wanting to  operate at maximum productivity and efficiency:

  • Fax. I know it may sound like prehistoric times, but fax’s are still being sent and received. Instead of a physical machine, enterprises can now use fax-via-email-tools. Using these type of tools, it will automatically forward the fax to your email address.  Now these tools are available for mobile – by using these, the need for a fax number can also be eliminated.
  • Control. The idea of managing all your services in one place is now possible. Try to look for cloud providers that offer several services that can be all managed from one place. Cloud management software enables efficient administrative control of all services and resources and allows intelligent, policy-driven auditing and optimization.
  • Migration. A cloud provider can help you with the migration of your applications from traditional data centers to cloud apps. Even though the initial investment for cloud migrations could be significant, you will end up seeing a return on an investment.  Automated migration technologies from River Meadows Software reduces these costs and time to migrate.
  • 24/7 support. When all of your services are in the cloud, you will need support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Find out about the capabilities of your provider and the size of their support team and the hours they will support you.

Implementing all these cloud communication tools will require some efforts on behalf of small and medium businesses, but the advantages will make it worth the expenses.

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