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Cloud Computing – As You Like It

Cloud Computing – As You Like It

In one of my previous articles, How To Choose Your Cloud Provider, I was mentioning how important flexibility is when choosing a cloud provider. I believe this is important because I know this is a question being asked by many: will the cloud software be tailored how I want or will it be tailored on how the other hundreds/thousands of customers want it? And the short answer is that it can and it should be customized to fit your needs.

Of course, the major public cloud providers will have various pricing plans offering standard services based on what they think most businesses want. At present the market is dominated by cloud-based SAAS applications like Google Apps and Zoho, which are open to anybody who pays for them and they offer a low level of customization.

But there are many cloud providers who offer tailor made cloud services, as opposed to ready made. In a previous article How is the Software Outsourcing Industry Embracing the Cloud, I was commenting on how one of the industry trends is custom cloud computing services and I believe businesses should take advantage of these services.

These are a few key issues to think about:

  • It must allow you the freedom to customize the applications to best respond to your business requirements.
  • It has to let you create the interface which manages the virtualized servers, according to your needs.
  • You need to be able to add and drop managed services as they are needed.
  • And of course, we don’t have to forget about scalability and utility pricing, you should never pay for a service you don’t use.

Cloud solutions can be designed and built for you. They should provide the very best matched available facilities, equipment and applications so that the solution comes precisely to the level of service you require. And you may be surprised at how affordable it can be.

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