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Cloud computing – You’re doing it wrong if…

Cloud computing – You’re doing it wrong if…

Cloud computing – You’re doing it wrong if…In the last couple of years, cloud computing adoption has become an appealing strategy for more and more businesses. By now, more than 70% of all organizations have at least one app in the cloud. This is clear evidence that things are moving really fast, and, what’s more important, in the right direction.

Shifting your business to the cloud might sound more complicated than it actually is. As long as you follow all the best practices and keep your eyes wide open, you should not fail. In this regard, I want to share with you some of the biggest mistakes that one can make while moving to the cloud.

You ignore security and compliance

You’ve probably noticed I mention security in most of my blog articles. That’s because it should be a business’s top priority and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Migrating to the cloud means moving your business into a new environment. So, the first necessary step to do is to make sure it is secure and  compliant.  You can do that by looking into all the security features compliance your cloud provider offers. Make sure this measures up to your business’ needs. If it’s a match, then go for it!

You think it’s a one day job

Choosing the most suitable cloud service provider needs time and attention. You have to consider all the cloud options before deciding what’s best for your company. The cloud adoption strategy is another thing that requires your time and attention. So, be sure you allot the necessary time to elaborate the right strategy that works the best for your company.

You don’t check your application performance

When you move all your infrastructure in the cloud, you need to monitor how the apps are performing and make all the necessary adjustments if needed. One of the biggest factors that impact application performance is application complexity. Since enterprise applications are composed by multiple distributed software components, managing them is more difficult and the probability of failure is higher.

You don’t do your homework

Choosing the right cloud environment comes with a great responsibility. The modern cloud environment is not suitable for all types of applications, so first you need to check if the applications you are planning to move in the new environment are compatible with it. Remember to always test your application performance on the environment before migrating to the cloud.

You don’t have an expert by your side

Even if the cloud service provider is the one that manages your cloud environment, you still need to have an expert on call to help you implement your cloud strategy and plan the migration. This is not an easy task, and the only way to maximize your movement have an expert on hand..

Last but not least, understanding the cloud environment is paramount. Here is a short checklist that might come in handy if you are planning to move your infrastructure to the cloud:

  • Estimate your database size
  • Test your applications before moving to the cloud
  • Ensure that your cloud provider meets all your security and compliance requirements
  • Make sure you have a proper methodology for implementation and monitoring

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