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Cloud Migration Platforms: The Devil’s in the Detail – Part II

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Cloud Migration Platforms: The Devil’s in the Detail – Part II

Last week I analyzed seven cloud migration platforms. You will find the first part of my analysis here.

For the second piece, I have done some deeper digging into the same Cloud Migrations Platforms to see how they stack up against each other in terms of technical capability in order to help you with your choice of partner.  As part of this comparison, I created a scoring system (from 1 to 10), in order to calculate the final results which you will find at the end of the infographic.

Let’s see what other variables I analyzed this time!

Interestingly, RiverMeadow really stood out from the crowd, winning hands down across all the variables which I tested in both infographics. The ability to support many use cases, live testing and automation make for near – 100% reliable migrations first time around. I was also particularly impressed with the image conversion capabilities, and also by its unique option for data only migration. If you’re looking for a migration solution which won’t blow the budget, will get the job done fast with minimal risk, I strongly recommend you take a look at their offerings. Check out their blog here.

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