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CloudCon Expo & Conference

CloudCon Expo & Conference

Are you asking yourself what the cloud can do for your enterprise, why is the cloud a necessity for your company and how will cloud technology assist in improving your company’s bottom line? CloudCon Expo & Conference might be the place to find out the answers for your questions in regards to this topic.

CloudCon Expo & Conferece, the Cloud Readiness Event of the Year will take place in San Francisco, CA, October 1-3rd 2012. CloudCon Expo & Conference brings you the opportunity to learn best practices and strategies for Cloud Deployment. This once a year conference is designed for IT professionals and decision makers looking to implement Cloud Technology to achieve benefits like Reliability, Adaptability and Cost Reduction.

According to many industry experts, 2012 & 2013 will propel IT, taking it from concept to practice. Recognizing the fact that the Cloud has become industry’s buzz word and has started to overwhelm enterprises, ExpoNential Inc. (Experienced Technology Conference Producer) initiated its efforts in hosting this Must-Attend conference & Expo.

As more and more companies evaluate Cloud Platforms for their operations, there is now greater need for an event that provides deeper knowledge of this subject.

CloudCon provides you the platform to learn, collaborate & network. Find out why Cloud Computing is necessary for your enterprise and what business and financial implications will it have on your day-to-day operations. Discover pros and cons of implementing the Cloud System. Learn how you can you leverage Cloud Model to outsource Services (SaaS), Platform (PaaS) or Infrastructure (IaaS)

Invitees to the conference include IT Professionals & Decision Makers from nation’s top corporate & entrepreneurial IT Organizations.

You can register now for the CloudCon Expo online. Engage with leaders and industry experts in the Information Technology arena and share innovative ideas and knowledge, solve problems and network.

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