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Companies optimized for the cloud win in today’s market

Companies optimized for the cloud win in today’s market

Although enterprises are still in the early stages of adopting Big Data solutions, these technologies are among the fastest-growing cloud-based tools.  The move to cloud computing is challenging the computer industry, and at the heart of this are the Big Data and the built for cloud scalable database platforms that enable it. As demand grows, applications are able to add new computing nodes, and each additional node adds capacity to serve more clients.  Database developers and architects are often challenged on figuring out how to scale their solutions.  Real time anaytics are not even possible with the big named databases we all know today.  Due to the limitations of traditional legacy databases, businesses had to either run batch reports during off-peak hours or move data to a separate system for analysis. This was expensive and complicated and does not align to how businesses want instant access to these anaytics.  Real-time analytics has the potential to transform businesses.

Clustrix is a scale-out SQL database designed to overcome MySQL scalability issues with a minimum of disruption to an enterprise’s production activities. It supports workloads that involve scaling transactions and real-time analytics. Last month, Clustrix announced the release of Clustrix 5.0 database on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In order to demonstrate their unique capbilities, Clustrix published a breakthrough real-time analytics performance benchmark for its scale-out SQL database. And the results proved a 50x advantage compared to legacy scale-up databases on AWS.

Clustrix overcomes the limitations of legacy database architectures that create pricing challenges as applications scale. In this way, Clustrix enables application developers to innovate using the power of SQL and take advantage of the new cloud economics, both in development and production.

Applications will continue to grow in size, scale, and complexity, and data volumes will keep getting larger. The majority of this information needs to be stored in relational databases. Companies that want to protect their investments in applications and keep up with the ever-changing requirements need solutions able to deliver speed, scalability, and simplicity. Companies who win in today’s market are those who are the most agile, fastest to market, and know how to take advantage of their data.

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