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Custom Applications in the Cloud Status

Custom Applications in the Cloud Status

Once again, I found some interesting information about the adoption of custom applications in the cloud. It seems like companies migrate more and more apps in the cloud thanks to the functionalities they offer. These custom applications have a wide range of applicability as they help organizations lead their competitors.

However, security still plays an essential role in deploying new applications in the cloud, even if it has been demonstrated that the cloud is safer than an on-premise system.

Let’s take a look at these results I highlighted in the infographic below.

custom applicationscustom applicationscustom applications

What do you think about these results?

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  • Dan Keldsen

    February 7, 2019

    Rick – up until 10-12 years ago I would’ve never believe the AVERAGE number of apps for an enterprise 464, but after working as a consultant to a Fortune 50 client IT team that gave up counting after they hit TWO THOUSAND, that number certainly rings true for me. Talk about rampant silos… The fixes involved using enterprise search, taxonomy, workflow and a unified security (SSO) layer to impose some IT-focused organization, and make it possible to cut across the silos, while leaving them in place as they systematically decommissioned or combined apps.

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