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Cyber security predictions for 2015

Cyber security predictions for 2015

Earth with chainFrom Cryptolocker to the Apple iOS vulnerability, there have been numerous high-profile breaches in 2014. With the ever-changing threat landscape and advanced cyber attacks showing no sign of slowing down, businesses need to be prepared as we head into 2015.

To prepare for the year just, we must anticipate the security needs and trends of the future and understand how companies can survive in the face of new danger.

  • Internet of Things is exposed – The idea of the internet of things (IoT), networked and connected devices, is slowly emerging in the consumer market. Gadgets like smart coffee machines, cars and Google’s smart Nest thermostat are only the tip of the iceberg, but unfortunately once you connect a device to the Internet, you make it vulnerable to an attack. In 2015, as IoT expands, we are likely to see an increase in cyberattacks against these products.
  • Healthcare at risk – One thing is sure: healthcare data is valuable. Not only are companies such as Google, Samsung and Apple tapping into the industry, but the sector itself is becoming more reliant on electronic records and data analysis. As such, data stealing campaigns targeting hospitals and health institutions are likely to increase in the coming year.
  • New players on the global cyberthreat field: cybermercenaries – There used to be a clear line between financially motivated attacks, hacktivist threats and nation-state-driven cyberespionage. Security experts recommend companies determine what adversaries they have to defend against, but a growing paid-for-hire army of cybermercenaries are blurring the line between those three types of breaches.
  • Mobile security is on the rise – With tablets and mobile phones taking an increasing share of internet usage, attackers are shifting their targets at an alarming pace.  Android with its quickly growing market share will take the lion-share of attacks but IOS platforms such as iPhone and the iPad will continue to see new malware.  Companies will be forced to consider their mobile security strategy in 2015, especially with the continued rise in BYOD policies.
  • Email Attacks Become Popular Again – With all eyes primarily focused on the more advanced and obvious threats, I expect email threats to increase as attackers evolve their techniques and reconnaissance operations to bypass the limits of current email security solutions.
  • Card thieves will become a serious threat –  ATMs compromised with gadgets that steal card data and cameras that capture your PIN are today’s dangers, and can be far more damaging than a stolen handbag or wallet. Cards can be cloned or unauthorized purchases made through these methods, and data may also find its way on to the black market. In 2015 it’s possible that credit card thieves will start turning their attention to a wider range of personal data to exploit.

Data breach and sophisticated attacks will continue to escalate in 2015. The ability to quickly digest threat intelligence according to risk-based priority and remediation can help businesses avoid disastrous incidents that can harm reputation, customer loyalty and revenue.

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