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Dynamic Cloud Computing Environments Streamline Business Operations

Dynamic Cloud Computing Environments Streamline Business Operations

Mobility and cloud computing are leading the strategic direction for businesses today. From operations to marketing and customer services, each department of a company is influenced by both of these. Business leaders are starting to understand that these technologies are successful only if they rely on a stable IT infrastructure. IaaS is one of the most needed and required cloud computing services as businesses prefer not to spend on large and expensive physical equipment.  The IT resources are located on remote servers, thus eliminate the on-site cost of maintenance and infrastructure.

Cloud computing’s greatest benefits are scalability, elasticity, security and improved efficiency. The need to invest in expensive equipment to support a company’s operations is no longer needed. Storage, hardware, servers and networking components, including large expenses maintenance and periodic upgrades are now the services providers problem. Cloud computing is gaining reach globaly as it provides simple and efficient technology solutions for companies to make the most out of their business. Companies that want to fully benefit from  cloud computing need to start running their businesses on platforms that offer cloud solutions, such as the IBM iSeries.

IBM iSeries is a cloud computing environment that provides managed private and shared logical partition (LPAR) services for users to leverage for production or target disaster recovery solutions. iSeries Cloud LPAR services are quick to deploy, offering flexible configurations and full monitoring and management by certified iSeries experts. IBM iSeries help businesses get the most from their IT assets so end users are enabled quickly through a cost-effective infrastructure with around-the-clock availability. IBM partners like Syntax help deliver the iSeries cloud platform to small companies and departments in large enterprises that aim to focus more on their core business and outperform your competitors. Some of the most important benefits of the dynamic iSeries environment are the following:

  • Reduced system administration costs

  • Reduced data center energy costs

  • Reduced need for weekend overtime hours

  • Reduced risk for system downtime in the event of a disaster

  • Improved service and data center management

The iSeries Cloud environments increases performance and provides indispensable security features that bring business critical applications to a higher level. Companies looking to evolve faster, to quickly roll out new services, to faster make organizational changes need more dynamic platforms that support advanced cloud computing applications.

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  • Susan Bilder

    May 16, 2013

    The amount of data that a business relies on to operate efficiently continues to grow. Dedicated servers might not have the capability to keep up. This is why the cloud is such an attractive option. There is the opportunity to store more data and costs are minimized.

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