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Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

While much attention is granted to the dangers of artificial intelligence and its capacity to automate processes, the technology has an excellent potential to improve the world. From revolutionizing industries to helping us protect the environment, AI could be the greatest ally.

However, people have many fears about AI and how it will affect the world on long-term, such as robots taking over the jobs and even machines turning against humanity. Those concerns are not realistic. Instead of focusing on the worst scenario that could happen, let’s have a look at the fantastic things that AI can improve.

Creating Jobs

At first glance, you might believe that robots will slowly eliminate jobs, but specialists think it will build even more careers. According to Gartner, by the end of 2020 technology will create 2.3 million jobs, while eliminating 1.8 million. Moreover, McKinsey & Company explained in their latest report that the demand for highly skilled personnel would almost double in the next few years, due to the automation.

Moreover, jobs that include routine tasks such as reviewing medical record can be automated. But those who utilize the interactions with the physical world is tougher to automate, so people with those skills won’t be affected by technology.

Online and Offline Protection

You might have seen how governments and companies use AI functions to increase their surveillance. It can also be used to fight vicious activities and protect privacy. Here are some examples of how AI is used for this purpose: defending healthcare records, detect digital weak spots or secure online financial transactions.

When it comes to the traditional security, AI is also excellent. We have now smart security devices and even AI robot guards. Overall, AI is keeping us safe from various threats.

Environmental Protection

We are not the only ones that need protection. Besides keeping us safe, AI is also improving the environment protection. Intelligent systems are used nowadays to analyze global issues, such as biodiversity. The analyses provide essential insights that could help people develop solutions to enact conservation efforts.

AI is even helping us reduce the energy waste. Smart apps that help reduce the energy usage are now available thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Those three examples should make us think more positive when it comes to AI. It will be more useful for us if we understand and trust it. And despite the bias that AI is not suitable for humanity, the AI systems remain predictable in the sense that their outcomes are in line with our goals as long as we continue to program them this way.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

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