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First Steps Into the Cloud for Startups

First Steps Into the Cloud for Startups

Startups generally embrace cloud rapidly because it helps them get up and run faster, with low costs and great flexibility. The advantages for startups using the cloud are enormous:

  • rapid setup

  • operational expense not heavy upfront capital expenditures

  • concentrate on core competency,innovation and more time to be spent on developing the business, not managing the infrastructure

  • higher degree of reliability

  • ease of scalability

  • easier to secure

It is easy to get started with the cloud. And most of these are easy-wins including emails, backup and file storage solutions. Here is a list of the first advances you should consider in the cloud for startups.


Look for a domain hosted cloud email solution for your business and avoid using Hotmail or Yahoo mail. You need a professional appearance, the little details like this make a difference. A cloud-based “sync” email account is a great solution to keep your business organized and synchronized  using your email, calendar between several devices. I recommend Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for small the medium sized businesses.


The next step would be to have an exceptional website. Find a suitable responsive design template that dynamically changes to fit on desktop browsers or mobile devices. Joomla and WordPress are excellent examples of open source content management systems that might fit your needs.


Startups should not purchase hardware, instead leverage Cloud servers, they are cost effective and offer startups the opportunity to benefit from high speed and high availability and scalability.

The great advantage of cloud is that it offers businesses cost reductions, scalability and flexibility. Therefore, it is the best option for startups, as they need more resources in terms of people and money to use on developing their product and extending their business. And if they are not satisfied with the services, they can switch to a new provider.

Are you planning to launch a startup or do you know anyone who is? What are the biggest challenges when adopting cloud services? Feel free to add your opinions in the comments section below.’

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