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How about a cloud assessment?

How about a cloud assessment?

IT-check-upIn a world where everyone is becoming more interested in cloud computing, I believe that awareness regarding the potential and scope of cloud has significant importance. I often hear questions like: “What specific value will cloud computing bring to my business?”, “Which areas of my business will benefit most?”, “What new opportunities does it present?”, “How do those benefits and opportunities translate to the bottom line?”, “How much will it cost?”, “Should I even invest in it?”. And my answer is almost always “you need a cloud assessment”.

The benefits of a cloud assessment

In order to make an informed choice about whether moving to the cloud is the right solution for you, you need to identify the benefits, costs, risks and approaches involved with migrating to cloud computing. Understand which cloud solution is right for your business, identify the cost-benefit of migrating to the cloud, and understand the approach and time lines of moving to the cloud.  And the only way to do that is a cloud assessment.

Here are some of the benefits of cloud assessments:

  • Provides a high-level cost-benefit analysis to define the value of cloud computing in financial terms
  • Lends insight into the business applications for which cloud computing is most relevant
  • Confirms whether or not a cloud computing program is justified for the business
  • Provides a benchmark of your current cloud computing approach against industry best practices
  • Validates that existing projects are on track and provides actionable tasks to correct those that aren’t
  • Provides best practices, tools and frameworks, giving you a detailed map of migration opportunities
  • Helps ensure you maximize the most value out of your cloud computing investment
  • Identifies and corrects problems early, before they become big issues
  • Align the cloud computing strategy with the business strategy
  • Offers recommendations for the cloud through a focused business case

So, is your company considering a cloud strategy, but you are not sure of the complete business and IT impact? You are not alone. Embarking on a cloud strategy is a process based on discovery and exploration. Finding the right partner to help you navigate the cloud does not mean identifying one who provides easy answers, but rather one who uses the perspective of cloud computing to help you re-focus your business and IT needs.

Finally, my question is: How about a cloud assessment?

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