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How is Artificial Intelligence changing the Recruitment Practices?

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How is Artificial Intelligence changing the Recruitment Practices?

Artificial Intelligence is at the top of the technology discussions today. The advancements made in this field have transformed how things were traditionally done. Let’s take the recruitment process as an example. Do you think that companies recruit new talents as they did 20 years before? Definitely not! What’s new in the recruitment practices? The implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

It might seem like a contradiction to say that AI is working with human resources, but almost 80% of executives believe that AI can improve their overall productivity and performance. The truth is that AI can make the recruitment process easier for specialists. But how exactly can this happen? Here are some aspects that AI tools can do for recruitment.

The best fit

AI technologies can analyze more than candidates’ resumes including online presence, and the overall fit for the available position. For example, a candidate might be very active in supporting different social causes, and this could be a selection variable. Moreover, the AI tool can create an ideal profile with the wanted characteristics and skills and identify only the suitable individuals.

Improved initial selection process

The biggest challenge for recruiters is to select the candidates for the first tier of interviews. The process is time-consuming and requires a lot of attention, but AI can automate everything and save valuable time. AI can search for matching candidates, conduct preliminary interviews and create a list of candidates for the second tier interviews.

Highly targeted candidates

Technology is already transforming the hiring process. Human resources managers are now able to target more qualified individuals than before, mostly because AI lets them create searches based on variables such as job title, education, location and so on. And that happens without ever talking to the potential candidate.

Data analytics

The implementation of AI in the recruitment practices is beneficial for both parties. The candidates could also use the recruitment platforms to find specific jobs or companies with the same values. On the other side, recruiters can do the same, and use the AI to analyze data provided by such platforms to find the best fit.

Technology became highly significant for the Human Resources departments. Automating the hiring process or at least parts of it help specialists save time and let them focus on the face to face activities such as final interviews or salary negotiations.

However, there is one more question left: should we expect the recruitment process to be entirely automated by AI tools?

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