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How the Travel & Accommodation Industry Benefits From Cloud Computing

How the Travel & Accommodation Industry Benefits From Cloud Computing

The travel sector is leading the way when it comes to adopting cloud technologies as more and more travel companies are looking for scalable and reliable support for their online presence. Cloud computing technologies ensure travel and accommodation companies an easily scalable computing infrastructure that is available on-demand and on a pay-per-use basis. The cloud model saves travel businesses from investing massive amounts of funds on infrastructure, and from managing it.

Infrastructure scalability is the main advantage that draws the attention of the travel and hospitality industry. But the leading companies from this sector have discovered innovative ways to use cloud technologies in order to improve customer services. This Is the  case of the largest European airline, Lufthansa. The company has developed a cloud-based service, CloudStream, which enables its passengers to pick out assorted content prior to departure, which can then be browsed while onboard via the airline’s Internet access.

Here are the most important advantages of using cloud computing technology in the travel and accommodation industry:

·     Scalability. Scale up the numbers of servers available at times of seasonal rush, such as Christmas, and scale back down when the demand isn’t as high.

·     Innovation. In such a competitive environment like the travel industry, the ability to move fast and launch new services could be the key to driving business success. With cloud computing technologies new services could be implemented without incurring large additional costs or process delays.

·     Flexibility and accessibility. The cloud allows data access from any Internet connected device, from anywhere in the world. This king of accessibility increases the productivity and efficiency of travel agencies. Moreover, they have access to cloud applications without having to download or install anything locally.

By moving to the cloud, travel and accommodation companies gain access to more flexible technologies, which improve uptime and effectiveness of IT assets and employees productivity. This means greater agility, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. More and more travel businesses of all sizes are starting to realize the major benefits of using cloud computing technologies and desire to implement them in their daily activities. As I mentioned in a previous article cloud computing has the potential to help companies in the travel and accomodation industries overcome their many challenges in a rapidly changing world.

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