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How Wireless Technology is Improving our Work and Play

How Wireless Technology is Improving our Work and Play

Technology has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of our life in the past ten years. Wireless technologies play a major role in this transformation. New technologies have begun to transform little by little all aspects of wireless communications and in the process, the way we work and play.

It is estimated that there will be 50 billion Internet connected devices leveraging wireless technologies by 2020. Ten years ago, this level of connectedness may have seemed a little surreal. Today, one can’t even conceive of designing devices without wireless connectivity in mind.

One of the ways in which this impacts our lives is that we find it much more difficult to separate work from play. People can surf the Internet from almost anywhere, therefore they have also become able to work “on the go”. Being able to participate in a meeting without physically being there or to stay informed about everything that’s going on at work with the push of a button has dramatically modified the 9-to-5 work routine. Many people don’t actually leave work anymore; they remain connected and available to the work environment all day long through the use of wireless connectivity.

Also, the working space and location have become almost irrelevant. With the use of cloud computing, people from any corners of the globe can share documents and collaborate in real time. The evolution of wireless technology changed the way we communicate and do business forever. We are alert to events and updates that are happening anytime, anywhere.

Another aspect to be considered is that wireless technology allows connections for voice and the Internet for stretches of the globe unserved by wired networks. And it allowed it at unprecedented lower costs.Therefore, media in all its forms can now be transported around the world in a matter of seconds. This highly increases the speed of access to information and the level of interactivity, allowing people from different parts of the globe to immediately react by commenting, sending photos and stream live videos almost instantly.

The evolution of wireless technology made everything mobile and brought a more dynamic life style to our world. We’re no longer bond by plugs or wires.The more alert our lives have become, the more intricate forms of distractions and entertainment we need to keep us engaged. The networks had to adapt too in order to handle all the content and applications consumers are demanding. After all, the latest and greatest consumer devices will only be as good as the wireless technologies they’re built on.

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