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Improving HR management with cloud computing

Improving HR management with cloud computing

HR managementIn today’s technological era, cloud computing is an essential piece of the puzzle, including when it comes to HR management improvement.

Every company’s department has to embrace technology and transform it into an advantage for doing things better, faster while using a convenient budget. Human resources department could use cloud computing to be more agile, and genuinely skilled in attracting new talented people.

According to the latest, PwC’s Global HR Technology Survey reported that companies are more open to implementing cloud-based applications for the HR department. The number of organizations of all sizes which migrated the HR processes to the cloud in 2017 climbed to 73%. Moreover, one-third of those businesses that use on-premise applications are planning their migration over the next 12–18 months.

Cloud computing could enable HR professionals to rethink their view on management, so let’s have a look at the advantages of using cloud-based HR applications.

Improving recruitment process

The core function of the HR department is recruitment. Like many other tasks that HR department accomplishes, the recruitment process means large amounts of data and involves processing the resumes, scheduling the interviews, giving the interview feedback and other tasks.

Software applications have managed some of those for years, but others continued to be analyzed manually. Sometimes this process could involve errors or out-of-sync situations. By using a cloud software businesses can avoid many inefficiencies.

Cloud software is designed for a variety of purposes, allowing users to access it from various devices. In HR situation, many recruiting processes happen online efficiently, which involves automated screening of the resumes, and also automated scheduling.

The cloud also provides a high-quality data analytics. For example, information related to the previous employer or university can be utilized to derive useful conclusions regarding the relationship between the applicant background and the period of retention, being also able to create predictions. Even if one Deloitte’s report on Global Human Capital Trends revealed that only 14% of HR departments are using data analytics, we should not forget that there is no limit to this kind of online analytics.

More Agility

Implementing a cloud-based HR platform gives businesses the opportunity to build greater agility and flexibility. Today’s workforce needs to be flexible and requires instant access to essential data and tools to remain productive. In the same time, HR employees could also work from different locations with easy access, and respond to workforce needs and requests, while the stress is alleviated for both parts.

It is not realistic to think that HR team has dedicated IT resources which can solve issues anytime. That’s why the cloud gives HR functionality without on-site expertise needed. Also, moving the HR management to the cloud could be a strategic change for the business. Harvard Business whitepaper underlined the fact that 32% of the enterprises consider agility an excellent reason for moving to the cloud, which is not a surprise since more agility means more productivity for the entire business.

Better security

HR personnel hesitates about the cloud implementation because they are concerned about sensitive data and safety. However, the maturity of cloud computing increased substantially in the past few years, and so the understanding of the modern cloud. The recent researches show that 87% of the organizations believe that their cloud system offers above-average security.

Security of sensitive data could be expensive to manage, but the primary function of the cloud-based software is keeping data safe, and that’s because cloud providers have strict protection and privacy standards, as well as certification for the latest cloud security ways to identify threats. Cloud vendors have become experts at the security of data, and they typically offer a higher virtual security system than most companies can build by their own.

As the cloud technology evolves, it will enable even more HR activities, which will make HR managers spend more time on training employees and consulting the management team on people-related strategies. The cloud will represent an essential advantage for companies planning to develop faster.

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