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Increasing customer experience with IoT

Increasing customer experience with IoT

According to a recent study conducted by Walker, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. I am sure that we already know how important customer experience is and how it can improve any business. After all, customers are the ones that dictate the company’s success.

Have we reached a tipping point for technology? Of course not, but we can say that technology has become a necessity for everyone, and everything. People are using smart devices for almost everything they do: scheduling meetings, making appointments, calling a cab, or entertaining on a Friday night.

Speaking of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) is yet another concept that has boomed tremendously during the last couple of years. Besides changing the way businesses function, IoT has also found its way to customers, enhancing their experience and engagement.

Connected devices provide valuable information

Today, more and more companies are using IoT-enabled devices to harvest relevant data from their customers, not only to improve their products or services, but also to enhance the experience their customers have with them. Through the data collected via connected devices, organizations have the opportunity to understand a customer’s behavior and predict their preferences, information that can be used to redefine, if necessary, a company’s marketing strategy.

Faster customer insights

Years ago, analyzing buyer behavior required a long process and depended entirely on reports and feedback. Companies use to wait for the sales process to end to receive the information required for such an analysis. Today, businesses have at their side the technology that allows them to access real-time data, lightening their work on understanding the customer’s behavior. Collecting data, managing and analyzing is now only a matter of hours.

Shorter response time

Response time has been one of the major challenges that companies have been faced with, in their struggle to improve their customer’s experience. However, since technology now allows access to real-time data, shortening the response time is not an issue anymore. Using IoT, you can automate certain responses before incidents occur, reducing downtime significantly.

Following the urge of accessing more information, people have become deeply engaged with everything related to high-tech and businesses will benefit from this phenomenon.

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