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Industries That Gain the most benefits From Adopting The Cloud

Industries That Gain the most benefits From Adopting The Cloud

According to a recent report from KPMG International, businesses and IT leaders across the globe are finding cloud adoption to be more complicated than many had originally anticipated. Nearly 33 % of all executives surveyed say that cloud implementation costs have been higher than they expected, and a similar percentage say that integrating cloud services with their existing IT infrastructure has been particularly difficult.  Cost reduction is the primary reason for cloud adoption but the speed at which a company is able to migrate to cloud is also very important.

Under these circumstances, the benefits of cloud adoption for some industries outweigh any growing pains they could experience through the implementation process. Here are 3 industries that can gain the most benefits in the next period from adopting the cloud:

Finance and Banking: Technology is a a costly hurdle for financial institutions due to the need of developing customised solutions or investing too many resources and time in advanced banking platforms. For these institutions cloud computing directly translates to less upfront, capital expense and reduced IT overheads, offering a cost-effective, simple alternative. For instance, Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks is one banking company that is already on the cloud, using a private cloud for customer relationship management software that allows the company to keep track of sales leads. Its representatives declare that SunTrust sees benefits in cost savings, efficiencies and flexibility -“The speed and agility cloud computing provides is of significant benefit, and it clearly enables us to get our products and services to market much quicker.”

Telecommunication: According to a Rackspace study, cloud computing helps mobile telecom companies boost their bottom lines. 56 % of mobile telecom companies said the cloud helped them increase profits. Also the majority of mobile telecom companies said the cloud reduced their IT costs.

Telecommunication companies can use cloud computing to provide both private and public cloud networks to customers and organizations for domestic and commercial purposes.

Retail: Without a doubt, the benefits of cloud computing and cloud applications are endless, regardless of the industry we are talking about. The only problem that remains is for the organizations/ institutions to choose the solutions that best fit the business and the customers.

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