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Internet of Things – A Problem Solver

Internet of Things – A Problem Solver

Over the last years, we’ve seen how technology has reshaped everything around us, making our lives a lot easier. It has brought solutions to problems that until yesterday, seemed untouchable. Here are a few ways IOT has helped solve problems:

  • Security Headaches

Security might be the weak link that could put every business in jeopardy. This is exactly the reason why it needs our attention. We all know that a security breach can put a company’s sensitive information at risk, but it also could affect the customers and clients. The more connected devices, the more security risks. Although IOT also has the ability to make things more secure, I am talking about the ability to monitor security, from wherever you are, at any moment.

  • Accessibility

The Internet of Things allows users to access programs, software, or other platforms from any location at any time. Imagine if you want to check if your home is secure. Now, you can easily access your security system from your mobile device and see any activity that occurred inside your house or your backyard.

  • Connectivity

Without enhanced connectivity, managing our businesses would be much more difficult. In order to have higher productivity and efficiency, we need to quickly be able to monitor and manage multiple applications from a single location, and the Internet of Things is the answer.

  • Traffic

Dreaming of a world without traffic jams? Well, thanks to IOT we are very close. Connecting traffic cameras, mobile devices, GPS’ and road sensors together, helps traffic and driving become smarter. Monitoring traffic operations, analyzing traffic information and providing real-time insights are just some of the perks that IOT brings to traffic infrastructure.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying your customer’s needs can sometimes be tricky if you don’t know and understand their behavior. The Internet of Things together with Big Data can provide valuable insights and gather specific information to help increase customer satisfaction.

  • Healthcare Safety

The Healthcare industry needs constant evolution and IOT enables it, giving patients the possibility to manage their health on there own. This includes technologies such as ingestible camera pills, ingestible sensors and insulin trackers which provide real-time data and information about their health, without requiring hospitalization.

I believe the Internet of Things is just getting started, and as the years go by, we will see more of the “miracles” it is capable of producing. Let’s just wait and see.

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