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Leveraging the cloud computing advantages

Leveraging the cloud computing advantages

The fast development of the digital world demands that businesses must adapt and respond to customers and employees needs. The advantages of cloud computing lies not in the technology itself, but in the operational changes it gives to companies. But sometimes, the problem is that companies need to invest massive budgets in technology and also in people that have to monitor the operational activities. For many companies seeking to stay on top by increasing the agility and flexibility of processes with reasonable costs, the best option to use is cloud computing.

Here are a few methods businesses can use to achieve competitive advantages with cloud computing services:

  • IT departments can focus on strategic projects and not routine maintenance.
  • Companies can implement new applications in areas such customer relationship management which can improve the revenue-per-customer without lengthy installation and configuration.
  • The cloud provides data integration layers that eliminate labor struggle to extract data, which enables analytics to be applied rapidly across multiple data sources. Reliable cloud providers can pull data from the company’s old systems and combine it with public and proprietary data sources to profit from new insights. This ability wouldn’t be possible for small businesses without the cloud.
  • Enterprises could use cloud services to implement functionalities to their e-commerce sites and call centers to obtain rapid benefits. For example, they can add the ability to customers to pay with Bitcoins. An example could include the implementation of recommendation engines that suggest related products for the customers to buy next.
  • APIs could be used to enable business partners and clients to connect with the company’s cloud. For example, data recorded by wearable sports devices could be integrated into a customer’s health folder at the doctor’s office. Moreover, wanted information can be transferred quickly from a supplier to a client’s account.
  • Multiple cloud services and tools have the advantage of being combined to build new products or opportunities. For example, tweets could be analyzed by a machine and then mixed with a coupon service to deliver offers to users according to their needs.
  • Cloud computing can help companies conserve capital. For example, the location which houses the data servers wouldn’t be a capital expense, presenting massive savings for most companies.
  • Companies could expand their businesses across the globe without having to open new offices. The flexibility provided by the cloud allows companies to expand into new markets. Global cloud providers have servers all over the world, which can serve a company’s employees in other countries or cities.

The competitive advantages provided by cloud services are proven. They include flexibility, lower IT costs or improved innovation. By letting the specialists manage the IT solutions that were handled in-house before, companies have a better position and can focus on what’s important: innovating to stay on top.

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  • Katherine Smith

    October 24, 2017

    Utilize the cloud and get the various advantages and take your business to the next level since the advantages offered by the cloud are numerous.

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