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Living IT in the modern digital economy

Living IT in the modern digital economy

digital strategyI recently had a discussion with Chris Keene from BMC.  Chris is president of the Data Center Automation and Cloud Management product line.  We shared common thoughts around the challenges enterprise businesses have with compliance and managing infrastructure.

Early this month the BMC team unveiled a new strategic initiative called  “Living IT” with a new look and a blend of new products and initiatives that put people at the center of IT and enable business leaders to drive digital transformation. As you know, I am all for supporting this type of initiatives and innovations, so let me tell you more about it, and you decide if this is something worth checking out.

The “Living IT” initiative seeks to create an entirely new technology experience for employees and IT managers through smart social and collaboration tools that enhance productivity, simplify administrative tasks and enable digital services, directly engaging customers, partners and stakeholders. By matching technology to human behavior in this way, the BMC team plans to help companies bring IT to life by enhancing their existing systems, driving agility and speed, and creating greater customer value. This new strategy promises a lot of benefits, and would surely empower businesses of all sizes if it proves successful.

The Living IT initiative is rooted in a project launched in 2012 designed to re-think how IT management software works and create new approaches to solving modern IT challenges. “In today’s market, companies need to rapidly transform their business models and technology systems to better compete. People are at the heart of that change.  Our new solutions will enable customers to innovate faster, automate more, and better manage cost and complexity in an incredibly dynamic world,” said Bob Beauchamp, BMC’s chairman and CEO.

In support of Living IT, the BMC team also launched several new products and methodologies designed to help IT accelerate digital innovation and “industrialize” core IT operations. You can check them all out, but here’s the one that caught my attention:

Automation Passport is the industry’s first best practices methodology for using automation to transform the business value of IT. Basically, Automation Passport is a new automation framework that offers the tools to develop custom automation roadmaps, guidelines to maximize automation value, and access to BMC’s new Automation Center of Excellence laboratory. Until now, the users of this solution have seen excellent business results, including:

  • 5 times faster release of applications
  • 3 times improvement in IT infrastructure cost
  • 10 times reduction in the time required to resolve critical compliance and security issues

Since its inception, BMC has invested more than $11 billion in research and development as well as grown to approximately 6,000 employees who support more than 20,000 customers across the globe. I personally think these numbers speak for their experience, so make sure to consider Living IT for your digital strategy.

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