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Machine Learning: An Explanatory Journey – Infographic

Machine Learning - An Explanatory Journey - feat

Machine Learning: An Explanatory Journey – Infographic

What is Machine Learning? And how is it different from Artificial Intelligence? The following infographic will adress this topic.

Those are only two questions I’ve been dealing with since technology developed massively. What’s even more interesting is that those two technologies are trendy lately, despite the fact that people are not aware of them in their activities. And there’s no wonder why. Automated cars, smart homes, personal assistants, they all use machine learning and artificial intelligence to reach their primary objective: improving our lives.

I believe it is essential to understand how those technologies work. The technical details will help anyone see the differences between technologies that seem to be the same. In the infographic below I highlighted some aspects that explain the best how machine learning works and how it is used in our daily life.

Machine Learning infographicWhat other aspect do you think machine learning will improve in the future? Feel free to leave your comment in the section below

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