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Machine Learning Technology – Improving education

Machine Learning Technology – Improving education

I cannot stop thinking about machine learning technology and plan on writing many more articles on this topic.  This technology is rapidly evolving, artificial intelligence will soon be weaved into everything around us.

A few years ago, the movie “Her” hit the screens, the concept of a computer that develops into an intuitive and unique entity.  I think it’s safe to say this will be our future.

Today, every industry has been touched by this by ML, including education, which is discussed in this article. Machine learning technology and big data is an efficient way of learning, improving and improving  process beyond our current limitations. More specifically, it has opened a new channel how we communicate with computers. Here is how machine learning is improving education.

  • Content Analytics that optimize and organize content modules, such as IBM Watson Content Analytics or Gooru
  • Predictive Analytics and data mining to learn from expertise to map patterns of a teacher’s expertise and improve learning and retention
  • Learning Analytics that track a students knowledge, such as DreamBox, ST Math or Mangahigh
  • Automating Administrative Tasks that provide dynamic scheduling to match students that need help with available teachers. An example here would be NewClassrooms that uses learning analytics to schedule math classes.

Machine learning technology has introduced new ways of learning, making the process smoother and much more fun. Let’s check some of the applications for ML in the education industry:

  • Duolingo – You’ve probably heard about this personalized and fun language learning platform. It’s universally accessible, intuitive, and effortless to use:
    • Predicts your word strength
    • Figures out which sentences will help you best practice your weakest words or skills
    • Recommends immersion practice documents based on your progress
    • Estimates the quality of a translation in progress
  • ITS or Intelligent Tutoring System – Computer software designed to simulate a human tutor’s behavior. Here’s what it offers:
    • Provides immediate and customized training or feedback to students
    • Solves the problem of over-dependency of students over teachers
    • Helps students to learn geography, circuits, mathematics, genetics and other disciplines
  • Woogie, the Alien – The educational robot that can initiate a conversation with children. Let’s see what it does:
    • Detect, read, process and understand human language
    • Converts text to speech and vice versa
    • Help children to memorize various information from multiple areas
    • Acknowledge the kid’s presence in the room and acts accordingly.

These are just some of the platforms, software, and robots that machine learning has given birth to, during the last couple of years. Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and the education system still has much more to gain from it. I am curious to know what’s your favorite educational platform/software that uses Machine Learning?

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