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Mobile + Cloud = The Future is Here

Mobile + Cloud = The Future is Here

The combination of mobile and cloud technologies seems a match made in heaven.  The cloud is highly flexible and charges on usage, while the mobile technologies deliver the applications everywhere and anywhere the users might need them, really fast.

I have largely touched upon the subject when I wrote about theiCloud. In addition, in terms of mobile cloud, the mobile browsers and apps seem to be the most common used tools. Because both technologies are very flexible and can be delivered virtually anywhere, cloud and mobile are a natural fit. In addition, mobile customers are already accustomed to using the cloud.

This CISCO report identifies the latest trends in the development of these 2 technologies.  You can read a very nice interpretation of the reportshere. However, this is what I would like to add, in terms of how I believe these technologies should further evolve:

  • Smartphone producers should give the user the possibility to switch between operating systems. I know we might have many argue about the iPhone which I use as well and believe it is close to perfection, but what about HTC or Samsung? What if one of them only had one smartphone, and they were able to give their users the possibility to upgrade to the OS of their choice – from the latest Android version to the latest Windows Mango?  This would definitely expand their margins and allow them to concentrate on manufacturing a few superior phones.
  • There is currently a trend to expand the traditional cloud services to the mobile world, adapting the cloud services for the mobile. However, new programs are being created just for the mobile technologies.  In this aspect, I believe location-based cloud tools have a high potential for success – for example, a cloud locator was just released
  • The mobile security area has a lot of potential to develop. Classical antivirus programs do not adjust well to the mobile world. Therefore, enabling security preferences as you would deliver data to a smartphone, on a cloud basis – 24/7 delivery and utility pricing, as a cloud provider would.

Two of the most lucrative technology markets seem now to unite.  Now it is the time to be creative and to differentiate. Whoever can rule the combination between mobile and cloud technologies can rule the IT world. I believe that mobile and cloud can lead to the development of completely new technologies and tools.

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