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Monitoring your cloud performance with style

Monitoring your cloud performance with style

9396936223_643c9cb98b_oThere is a clear boom in data center and cloud utilization. This trend continues as more organizations find value in moving a part or their entire infrastructure into the cloud. At the same time, IT has always had monitoring and management tools. It only makes sense that these tools begin to span out into the cloud. There are some amazing solutions out there that can help you optimize your entire cloud platform.

Cloud monitoring is the best way for an organization to administer its cloud resources and keep its cloud environments operating at maximum efficiency. So let’s take a look at a few cloud performance monitoring tools designed especially to create a more proactive cloud.

  • Zenoss Cloud Monitoring – This tool monitors public, private, or hybrid cloud environments with a unified visibility and provides real-time awareness of the entire infrastructure. Zenoss ensures relevance through a model-driven cloud operations management system which maintains a comprehensive model of every device’s hardware, software and network relations which then makes use of that model to ensure that the right monitoring service and policies are implemented on that device.
  • Boundary Boundary aims to monitor and integrate with major cloud vendors to help control and manage applications as well as data. By integrating with Puppet Labs, AWS, Splunk, New Relic, AppDynamics, CA, BMC and many others, Boundary is able to enrich your monitoring solution with application topology and per-second streaming analytics. The idea is to aggregate a lot of data through Boundary and create a consolidated view. From there, you can run performance analysis, understand contextual navigation, examine application topologies, and even control architecture and APIs.
  • RevealCloud: is a server health and performance monitoring tool. It provides broad visibility across both private and public cloud environments that organizations may have. RevealCloud uses cross-correlation analytics which help operation teams to quickly find and isolate root causes of problems and issues in the cloud. RevealCloud provides analytics, visibility and alarms which notify administrators visually when problems are detected. The tool also includes real-time measurements, monitoring server performance every 5 seconds, providing OS, System, and process monitoring
  • New Relic MonitorAlready used by companies like Comcast, Citrix, GitHub and EA, New Relic offers a complete SaaS-based model for very granular cloud monitoring capabilities. This monitoring solution looks at the most critical components that make up a cloud-ready application. This includes SQL query analysis, application health statistics, transactional tracing, thread profiling, complete application mapping, and even proactive alerting. Whether the app is web, mobile, or server-based, New Relic takes into account numerous performance and optimization considerations into its monitoring algorithm.

There are a lot of various solutions out there that can monitor every aspect of your cloud platform. Similarly, there are solutions which are designed to control and monitor very specific elements in your cloud like application performance, database health, and network data flow that we will discuss in future articles. Regardless of the type of solution you work with, make sure you choose an appropriate set of monitoring tools to help ensure a healthier infrastructure.

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