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More Thoughts on how is Cloud Computing Changing the Software Industry

More Thoughts on how is Cloud Computing Changing the Software Industry

In this article, I explored how, in my opinion, cloud computing is changing the software industry. I also came across this great article on what SaaS really should be and where it is heading.

I read messages from CIOs that tell me they have been deploying SaaS systems for over ten years, but sometimes I wonder – are these really true SaaS Cloud deployments?  Sometimes, SaaS and it being a <<Cloud>> technology is used loosely.

This is why, the definition that Derek gives here, pointing out the conditions for an application to be SaaS, including Multi-Tenet Architecture, User Experience/ User Interface and Consumption, is very accurate. Having to meet these conditions makes SaaS influence the market way beyond the traditional way in which it is viewed, in regards to the web browsers.

It is definitely heading in the direction of creating a competitive software market, where providers will strive to offer the highest quality services at competitive prices. Also, it is very important the appearance and the impression that the applications make on the user as much as the technology behind it and the utility it brings to the customer. Therefore, in addition to influencing the software industry, the SaaS development will also boost the industries of web design and online marketing.

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