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Oracle is aiming the Cloud

Oracle is aiming the Cloud

oracle1 (1)Competition on the cloud solutions market is becoming more tight than ever after Oracle’s expansion of services. Oracle has extended their Cloud portfolio, launching a new platform and infrastructure services designed to help developers, IT professionals and business users extend cloud applications.

The Oracle Cloud Platform integrates a full range of enterprise software services, platform services and infrastructure services. With these facilities, companies can move to the cloud all their applications hosted in the data center.

This expansion is a new approach for Oracle by shifting their traditional database and customer relationship management solutions to the cloud. Some of the services available on this platform are:

    • Oracle Database Cloud – Exadata Service – offers the possibility to run Oracle databases in the cloud, keeping the same functionality of Oracle Exadata
    • Oracle Archive Storage Cloud Service – it provides storage for applications that require a long-term retention. It is suitable for large-scale data sets that are not accessed frequently
    • Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data SQL Cloud Service – it is a platform for running diverse workloads on Hadoop and NoSQL databases
    • Oracle Integration Cloud Service – it’s designed to support the integration between the cloud, on-premises cloud and third-party applications

  • Oracle Mobile Cloud Service – it’s a tool for developing and deploying mobile apps than run on any device needed

  • Oracle Process Cloud Service – it empowers business user to supervise and coordinate the entire business process.

Currently, Amazon is still leading the cloud computing market, followed by Microsoft Corp, while Oracle is trying to increase there market share by adopting  a low-price strategy and comprehensive product range. This move may drive down the prices for cloud services, while encouraging companies to move their data in the cloud.

At the same time, Amazon continues their extension in emerging market countries. After bringing AWS services in China last year, Amazon announced taking there cloud to India by the end of 2016. This decision comes at a time when the demand for complicated server and infrastructure in India is increasing rapidly and Amazon claims to have the resources to satisfy it. Also, locating AWS servers in India  is expected to improve services for existing customers and hopefully will attract others.

What is your opinion about Oracle’s new move? Do you think it will shake-up the cloud solution market? Please share your ideas in the comment section.


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