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Reasons to adopt PaaS

Reasons to adopt PaaS

A new research from IBM Center for Applied Insights shows that IT decision makers quote big data as one of the main reasons to adopt platform as a service in their businesses. Although SaaS is very popular, most CIOs have not paid that much attention to cloud-based PaaS solutions.

Early adopters of PaaS, known as “Pioneers”, saw the strategic benefits of PaaS as a way to innovate. It is believed that one of the most important benefits of PaaS is the ability to use patterns. PaaS patterns give consumers a set of rich tools which allows them to build apps very quickly without worrying about big technology spending.

By using PaaS, multiple business units are able to develop apps on a uniformed platform. However, CIOs are still reluctant to leverage PaaS for strategic applications because of the risk of vendor lock-in. Another challenge when adopting PaaS is security and control standpoint. However, this creates the opportunity for Proprietary PaaS to come forward and become more flexible about incorporating languages, API’s or frameworks.

Cloud platform as a service (PaaS) offer the speed and saving of alternatives like infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS), while allowing the user to retain choice and control over applications and data.

PaaS platforms are flexible and scalable and can easily adapt in order to meet the always changing demands of the software development industry. PaaS suites can be a good option for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) which don’t have robust integration facilities. In the case of large enterprises, PaaS offerings are best suited in order to reduce costs as  integration can be less expensive than in the traditional way. The companies expected to gradually move to a superset of functionalities offered by PaaS are the one that have used integration-as-a-service offerings in the past.

PaaS will open a new horizon of Mix & Match options for the IT industry and implementation of PaaS will be determined by the needs of any enterprise and by the capabilities of PaaS to adapt to businesses.

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