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Running Wild – ERP Sytems in the Cloud!

Running Wild – ERP Sytems in the Cloud!

running-wild-erp-sytems-in-the-cloudCloud computing is everywhere, and it seems to be the best solution for a wide range of challenges that businesses are dealing with today. More and more companies are starting to move their infrastructure and software in the cloud to improve performance and overall productivity. In this article we will discuss ERP systems, and the decision to join the “CloudMania”. According to a recent report, the global cloud ERP market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% during 2016 – 2021. That is fast if we take a look at the CAGR during 2011 – 2015, which was only 6.38%. Another survey pulled out by IDC, shows that 81% of the US Companies with more than 100 employees are using a cloud-based solution.

To make this shift, ERP systems require a few special features which cloud needs to provide

  • Cloud has your back!

Automatic Backup – A ERP systems primary job is to ensure that all the data and documents inside the company are being stored safely and updated regularly. The cloud can provide automatic back-up, meaning that all information from the ERP system is safe and protected against data loss. Depending on the provider and failover solution, a cloud-based ERP System will ultimately reduce downtime and minimize risk to loss in business productivity!

  • Synchronizing with reality!

Automatic Syncing – Syncing data in real-time is a big plus for the ERP systems, allowing all users to see the latest version of each document. This feature also means less work time since the employees don’t need to check, each time the revised document is uploaded into the systems.

  • More Security!

Security and File encryption – We all know that safety is a real issue and the highest priority for all companies. Moving your ERP in the cloud will provide you more protection for all the data inside your system. All the documents that leave the system will be immediately encrypted letting you rest assured that the information is safe and secure.

  • Break down the barriers!

Accessibility – This is the key benefit which every company longs for and which cloud can easily offer. Being able to view and edit documents from any location and anytime you want, is a tremendous leverage both for the employees but also for the company. Especially if we take a look at a recent study according to which, half of the people will be working remotely by 2020. Accessibility is the future!

Cloud Computing is changing the way we live and the way we work. Going for a cloud-based ERP system can only bring you more flexibility, security and, why not, a touch of comfort. This of course, is the Cloud!

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