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Simplify Your Business With Cloud Automation

Simplify Your Business With Cloud Automation

cloud automationThere has been a lot of talk about cloud automation, what it is and how to know if it’s the solution for you. Cloud automation is a must have for all cloud environments, and gives you advantages over companies that don’t have this technology by providing automatic scaling and simple infrastructure management.

Automation is a key component in cloud computing and helps make otherwise complex cloud management systems easy to understand, monitor and manage. Basically, cloud automation is highly important because the cloud is too complex for a set of legacy tools to react in the amount of time that nowadays consumers expect and demand. The automation part allows you to gain a full understanding of all parts within your cloud environment, while enabling you to make decisions based upon real time data and analytics.

How does cloud automation work

Cloud automation simplifies cloud environments and allows consumers to automatically provision their own servers, applications and virtual machines on demand.

Cloud automation is able to detect a client’s spike in resource usage and dynamically allocate additional servers or compute resources to handle the additional load. It can also deallocate them when demand drops, and this is one of the most remarkable benefits in a fully automation cloud environment.

Why choose cloud automation

  • Complete control of monitoring and management – Monitoring and management are key tools that your IT staff need to leverage to maintain your cloud environment. The integrated nature between the software and hardware layers is what gives the technical staff the real time data they need to effectively monitor all components of your cloud environment.

  • Automated provisioning – Cloud automation functionality removes the manual process of assigning IP addresses, allocating storage and all the other processes that go along with creating a new virtual machine. This gives IT personnel the chance to work on other mission-critical processes.

  • Single Pane of Glass – The use of cloud automation software allows augmentation of current infrastructure by tying information from your hardware into a single interface that can be used to monitor and manage your cloud environment. It gives you insight into detailed statistics on your cloud including the virtual machines that are running and stopped, public IP addresses allocated and network traffic. In addition to an overview of your environment, it gives you detailed information such as CPU and RAM usage for each virtual machine, storage allocation and power usage.

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