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Start-ups are booming with cloud computing

Start-ups are booming with cloud computing

During the past couple of years, we’ve seen more and more start-ups making their appearance in the business world. Worldwide, 300 million people are trying to start 150 million businesses. From all these attempts, only a third are successful, equating to 50 million businesses that are launched.  

We all know that starting your own business is not that easy. However, this has changed during the decade. Today, technology is the engine that drives businesses, whether we talk about new or old ones, technology drives them towards success. But, what defines a successful business? I believe we all have a different definition and understanding, and we can choose from profit, high-quality products, loyal customers, brand awareness, or even social contributions. However, regardless of our individual objectives, there is still a common purpose, and that’s keeping up with the competition while controlling spending.

If we are talking about 137,000 new business every day, it’s more than obvious that the competition is extremely high. So what every entrepreneur should do is test every solution they know to keep ahead of its competitors.

Cloud computing the start-up hero?

Well, I would dare to say that cloud computing is the hero for all businesses but will stick just to start-ups for now. So, to answer the question, yes, the cloud is the solution that new and small businesses are seeking. Here are the main reasons why startups should adopt cloud computing.

  • Lower costs – Every business, not to mention the new ones, desire to lower their costs but increase productivity. Moving a business to the cloud means no more spending on IT requirements, power usage, hardware, upgrade, maintenance, and many other non-core competency related expenses. Basically, the business can successfully thrive while reducing spending.
  • Higher flexibility – In the past few years, remote work has begun to be more and more desired and adopted by businesses all over the world. So, cloud computing is the perfect match. Start-ups can use this flexibility to lower the costs as well. For example, instead of investing in laptops, mobile phones, or other devices for employees, the company can implement a BYOD strategy and allow its employees to use their own devices.
  • Greater integration – Cloud computing provides all the necessary tools and means so that businesses can focus on their primary activity while still getting results. Cloud service providers have professional experts and specialized services that can easily be integrated with business operations. So, entrepreneurs can focus on their core activities, while the cloud providers handle the other technical tasks.

Cloud computing is a great solution for all businesses, but start-ups, in my opinion, should be primarily focused on this environment. Doing more with less is what cloud provides and what businesses need.

I hope you enjoyed the article, and please share your thoughts!

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