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Taking education to the next level with cloud computing

Taking education to the next level with cloud computing

cloud-computing-626252_640More than 90% of organisations are using cloud-based applications, according to RightScale research conducted early this year. Some  well-known benefits of using cloud solutions include: increased accessibility, enabled collaboration and reduced costs with infrastructure.

Besides their utility in the business environment, cloud based solutions are also becoming an effective tool for education, and among the benefits we see:

  • A higher number of students from different environments can access the information
  • Reduced costs with sharing the information
  • Textbooks can be easily updated at a lower cost
  • Cloud-based solutions are accessible and they don’t require buying expensive devices or software

Cloud based solutions are now used in universities to facilitate students’ collaboration and access to a wide range of information. For a better understanding of this system, there are training programs for students designed to acknowledge the benefits and features of cloud computing. At the same time, research centers started using the cloud for management and analysis of complex data. So here are some nice examples of institutions that have decided to take education to the cloud.

Cornell University helps minority students understand cloud

A professor from Cornell University has launched SoNIC (software defined network interface) Summer Research Workshop, a one-week program designed to enhance research capabilities for minority students. During this workshop students have the chance to conduct network research  on improving the reliability of cloud computing with a faculty mentor. The main purpose of this program is to increase the number of PhD graduates in computer science among minority students.

Google works with Harvard and MIT to improve DNA Analysis

Google has partnered up with Harvard School and Board Institute of MIT to launch an online service designed for improving DNA analysis. For this project, Google will provide powerful analytic tools and extensive computer infrastructure whereas the Board Institute of MIT will be responsible for delivering  the bioinformatics expertise needed in this program.

The Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK)  will be launched as part of Google’s Cloud Platform section specialised in life science research (Google Genomics). The main goal of GATK  is to make sure that scientist can retrieve to scientific data and tools in the most accessible way.

Amazon launched an educational cloud program for students

Amazon has launched AWS Educate, a program created to accelerate cloud learning in classrooms. It is designed to improve the process of learning cloud computing technology for secondary and higher education students.

With this program, institutions have access to multiple resources that can be used to integrate cloud-related content into their coursework. Also, by joining the program, members have access to a wide library of learning resources and they have the possibility to exchange ideas by  joining collaborations forums.

What do you think? Is the future of education in the cloud?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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