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Team collaboration cloud solutions

Team collaboration cloud solutions

IBM, Google, Microsoft – the major IT players have all launched team collaboration cloud solutions to help individuals and organizations interact and ease online teamwork when it comes to collaborative creation, editing, sharing of word, spreadsheet and presentation documents, instant messaging, web meetings, mail and calendar.

So IBM CloudSmart Docs, Google Drive and Office 365 are at this point the main competitors available on the market in terms of document collaboration.

Needless to say, the advantages of team collaboration cloud solutions are numerous – just a reminder of a few of them that I pulled out in the following list of the greatest advantages cloud solutions bring to team collaboration. Therefore, here they are:

  • Online sharing of documents: collaborative editing and creation of documents, adding comments, checking revision history are just some of the features most appreciated by people in organizations. Google Docs also introduced the offline editing feature: this allows users to leave comments that will be automatically synced for collaborative users when they get back online. Documents can be shared both inside and outside an organization, which helps solve complex problems.
  • Remote access to documents: documents stored in the cloud can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This is extremely important and efficient, especially nowadays when people need to have access from their documents whether they are in their office or on the go.
  • Solutions are available for several devices: cloud solutions are available for PCs and Macs, Chrome OS, iPhone and iPad, and Android devices, offering more flexibility to users and organizations.

With so many cloud solutions, team collaboration has never before been easier and more efficient. From the great variety of solutions available at this moment in the industry, there is no doubt that any single organization can find the most appropriate solution for their business and employees. What is your favorite team collaboration cloud solution?

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