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The Benefits of Using Cloud Anti-spam

Stop Spam

The Benefits of Using Cloud Anti-spam

Stop SpamIf you have ever taken the time to look at just how much time, money, and resources you devote to dealing with spam, you might be tempted to disconnect your mail server from the network and take a day off. Unfortunately that’s not a real option, but it’s good to know you do have options when it comes to dealing with spam. Admins who cannot have an on-premise anti-spam solution, can now enjoy the same technology via a cloud anti-spam solution.


There’s no such thing as “enough” bandwidth, and it’s not uncommon for admins to have more bandwidth at home than at work. One way to save on bandwidth at work is to use cloud anti-spam solutions. Cloud anti-spam solutions filter all that out before it ever hits your border, which means the only bandwidth you use for mail is for legitimate mail. You’ll be amazed at how much more available bandwidth you have once you stop wasting it on spam messages.

Disk space

Since there are always going to be false positives, you have to quarantine spam for at least a short period of time before you delete it, and that means allocating disk space for quarantine. With a cloud anti-spam solution, all that storage is cloud storage, which means it isn’t taking up disk space on your SAN or wasting resources on your back-up solution.

Help desk tickets

Does this sound familiar: “Hey, can you check to see if the firewall blocked an email from my customer?”? The best cloud anti-spam solutions offer two things to take all the burden of spam off your help desk – individual summaries and individual quarantines. Users will get their own daily summary of blocked messages, and can release their own from quarantine either by clicking a link in that summary, or logging on to a web portal. User self-service will make them happier since it’s instant, and your help desk can finally concentrate on more important tickets.

Mail server performance

You’re probably being told to squeeze another year out of aging systems. When your mail servers are pegging their CPUs at 100% dealing with spam storms, scanning attachments for malware, and checking block lists, they are not processing client requests or routing messages, and that means everything slows down. By filtering out all the noise with Cloud anti-spam, your servers’ loads will be much lighter, and that can actually enable you to squeeze another year or two out of them.

Cloud anti-spam solutions can make the difference between a mail infrastructure that is struggling to cope, and one that has plenty of capacity to deal with current and growing user loads. Your users will complain less, your boss won’t nag you about the budget, and your servers won’t blue screen at 3 AM.

This guest post was provided by Casper Manes on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs. Learn more about the benefits of using cloud anti-spam.

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