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The Best Cloud Storage Solutions

The Best Cloud Storage Solutions

When deciding to store information in the cloud, choosing the best provider can be a tough decision. This is a list of six of the leaders of cloud storage providers in order for you to be able to make an informed decision on the best cloud storage solution for your business. Here are the cloud storage services I consider the best:

Amazon Cloud Drive

Its storage space can be accessed from eight different devices. Amazon Cloud Drive accounts get 5 GB of free storage, but the music purchased through Amazon MP3 store doesn’t have any storage limit.

Apple iCloud

With iCloud you can store music, photos, apps, calendars and documents. iCloud functionalities include basic tool, but it doesn’t have a web-based office suite, or an online file explorer to get an extended perspective of your content.

Google Drive

The key feature of Google Drive is its online apps suite, which includes tools for creating documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Google Drive provides more capabilities than just storing files. You can share files with anyone over the internet and even edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations with other users simultaneously.

Microsoft SkyDrive

SkyDrive includes versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that run in the browser. These are basic tools, but they will be adequate for many casual users. SkyDrive allows users to share access to documents with other users and Microsoft want to include new features dedicated to users on touch devices, such as improved drag-and-drop support for all users.

Unlike Google’s and Microsoft’s solutions, Dropbox doesn’t offer browser-based applications. But it has a very flexible and easy to use web interface, that lists very clear your folders and files. Even if there are no editing features, Dropbox supports many file types – PDFs, documents, video, photos and audio. Dropbox has the easiest method of sharing files and folders on the web. You can pass along a URL, whether or not the recipient also uses Dropbox.

Before deciding which the best option is, you should review the leading cloud storage providers. Test their service for speed, reliability, security, ease of use and analyze their costs and support services. From my experience, I would say you should pay the most attention to the reliability and security factors.

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