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The Dronehenge

The Dronehenge

the-dronehengeDrones have given us a new perspective of the world. What started as just a mere hobby, now has become a multi-billion dollars industry which is expected to reach $127 Billion in 2020, according to a PwC Study. Not only has this new trend changed our daily lives but surprisingly it also reshaped the way we work. Almost every industry has been touched by the a drone in some way and it will continue in the years to come. The results, I believe, will be incredible and it will impact all these Industries:  

E-commerce Industry – With all the challenges that the e-commerce sector is currently facing and I am talking mostly about customer satisfaction and product delivery, this industry needs some help. Drones could help e-commerce to fill in the gaps by increasing both customer satisfaction and delivery of merchandise.  A FAA estimation reports that by 2019, we will see up to 7,500 small commercial drones in the sky, and up to 30,000 the year after. Things are moving quickly, soon the ‘delivery guy’ will be called the ‘delivery drone’.

Healthcare Industry – We all know that the Healthcare system needs major improvements.  We are starting to see some improvements thanks to new technologies, leveraging Drones, could save lives. Drones will deliver healthcare to areas that today are not accessible. Search and rescue operations will also be much more efficient especially in the communities that are extremely difficult to reach. Once drones go full scale, there will be an incredible positive effect on the Healthcare Industry.

Construction Industry – Building, as we know it, will soon come to an end, making room for innovation. Technology is already increasing construction efficiency and streamlining the entire processes. Scanning sites is a vital step during the building process, and drones have the ability of providing a higher level of precision that will increase speed, efficiency and costs for this industry.

Insurance Industry – Currently this sector is being pulled down by two main events: increasing fraud and increasing damages from natural disasters. However, there is a solution for mitigating the consequences and risks, and that is by using drones for risk monitoring, risk assessment and fraud prevention.

It’s more than obvious that drones have many commercial applications and a significant role in modern industries. I came across an interesting study made by PwC which shows the financial value of using drones in each industry. Just to make a short summary of the key findings, here is the value of drone-powered solutions for some major industries: Infrastructure – $45.2 Billion; Agriculture – $32.4 Billion; Transport – $13 Billion; Security – $10.5 Billion; Media & Entertainment – $8.8 Billion; Insurance – $6.8 Billion; Telecommunication – $6.3 Billion.

Business all over the world will enjoy the changes that ‘The Drone Age’ will bring, and I personally believe it will not be long before this happens.

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