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When artificial intelligence meets the cloud

When artificial intelligence meets the cloud

when-artificial-intelligence-meets-the-cloudArtificial intelligence, the next big thing that caught everyone’s attention and has mesmerized the entire world. Back in the day, A.I seemed like a futuristic movie, now A.I is part of our daily lives, integrated into many of the things we interact with. Smart cars, purchases that are predicted, intelligent online customer support, and smart home devices are just some of the technologies that use artificial intelligence to improve our daily lives and our businesses.

Business Sci-Fi? Not really.

Artificial intelligence has already changed the way we do business, but what’s best is yet to come.

  • Working hours will be a thing of the past

Companies are striving to be more innovative, sustainable, and flexible in order to survive in today’s competitive world. That’s why BYOD and Remote working strategies have become more and more popular among businesses of all sizes. Artificial Intelligence will make traditional workstations and working hours slowly disappear, providing us with a new sense of mobility.

  • Full-scale automation

Business process automation has become a powerful strategy and businesses are already using this to simplify complex tasks. The outcome is streamlined and cost-efficient, making the companies more productive and more transparent. However, with a little help from A.I, automation will make tremendous strides. Robots will not replace humans anytime soon, but they will take over a piece of our jobs. The bright side of this full-scale automation will be the increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Robots and machines work faster that humans, and they are not waiting for paychecks.

Intelligent computing

As we would expect, Artificial Intelligence already plays an important role in cloud computing.

The giants Microsoft, Amazon and Google, are already using A.I to improve their business offering new and innovative solutions. Microsoft offers more than 20 cognitive services, such as computer vision and language comprehension, Amazon also added to its portfolio predictive analytics and Google upgraded its speech recognition API.

Although A.I is already improving the overall cloud environment, it also has the power to change it and generate new cloud computing technologies.

AI-First cloud

Although it’s not here yet, and we don’t have any clue about how its architecture will look like, we can still create an overall picture of how AI-First cloud will look like:

    • Support for mainstream AI frameworks – cloud AI platforms will be able to deploy a program using a deep learning framework across hundreds of nodes that are provisioned on demand with optimal GPU capabilities
  • AI-first infrastructure services – AI will become the backbone of cloud services improving the storage and computing capabilities
  • Integration with mainstream PaaS services  – AI-First cloud platforms will provide flawless integration between AI and deep learning frameworks and the existing cloud services

Bottom line, Artificial Intelligence will advance cloud computing taking it to the level.

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