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Why ongoing monitoring is the key to your company’s cloud success

Why ongoing monitoring is the key to your company’s cloud success

ID-100199537Companies are in a race to move to the cloud and managing and monitoring cloud computing services has become even more important. The ongoing adoption and consumption of cloud services presents performance monitoring challenges for IT departments.

Whether you are automating the provisioning of virtual machines, networks and storage in a private cloud; migrating your enterprise applications to a public cloud; or leveraging the growing set of Software, Platform or Infrastructure as a Service models, your performance monitoring platform should support your journey to the cloud.

The following article will go through the benefits and the necessity of ongoing monitoring and alerting, essential to watch performance, reliability and security in the cloud.

For all companies considering the cloud, it’s critical to develop the best possible strategy for maximizing the advantages that cloud computing can deliver. There are many factors that must go into an effective approach, but one of the most important is ongoing monitoring.

With high-quality monitoring in place, a company will gain the most value from its cloud investments. Here are some of the most important benefits of implementing effective cloud monitoring:

  • Increased server, services, and application availability
  • Fast detection of network outages
  • Fast detection of cloud computing environment problems
  • Improved performance, productivity and efficiency for the cloud
  • Data driven insights and decisions
  • A better chance of preventing major disruptions
  • Unified visibility of the entire IT infrastructure
  • Prevent and reduce downtime and business losses

The More You Have in the Cloud… The More You Need to Watch Your Network

SaaS, VoIP, Private/Virtualized, Public, Hybrid – There are many “shapes” of cloud and with each comes increasing reliance on a stable, high-performing network. No matter how good cloud services are, they are nothing if there is no metric based monitoring.  It is difficult to diagnose the things we cannot see.  In hybrid environments the lack of visibility into the infrastructure that you might not own becomes even more troublesome.  Often, when things go wrong and there are pressures from users, blaming IT and the network  Leveraging a solution that spans across a hybrid cloud saves time and reduces frustrated users.

I have been researching monitoring solutions for years and recently had a discussion with Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions to participate in a joint webinar where I would discuss the problems we face in IT and discuss with the Fluke Network Engineers how their solutions help with these issues.  I Hope you are able to join and discuss the ways we can be better informed on October 6th, in a one hour webinar as we discuss the challenges of cloud networks and the solutions organizations around the world are sharing with us. You will learn:

  • Why initial intelligence gathering about your network is critical
  • How to use on-going monitoring to identify problem domains
  • What is needed to keep everything “clean” for hosted VoIP
  • When to stay with a physical environment

Register Now

  • Date: October 6, 2015
  • Time: 11:00 AM (Pacific)
  • Duration: 1 hour

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