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Top 25 Must-Read Cloud Computing Blogs

11. Rickscloud

Rickscloud is one of the Internet’s most popular sources for cloud industry information. It is written by Rick Blaisdell, who is the CTO of Motus LLC, which deals in cloud computing integration, information systems, and IT services. He updates his blog every few days and covers numerous cloud related topics such as adoption, best practices, security, and trends. Recent posts include: From Cloud Computing to Fog Computing and Running Wild – ERP Systems in the Cloud!

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Top 10 Cloud Computing Blogs to Follow

9. Rick’s Cloud

Not as famous as Amazon’s Vogels or InfoWorld’s Linthicum, Rick Blaisdell is nonetheless a respected expert, and many industry sources, including IDG, say Rick’s Cloud is a blog that can’t be missed. His musings cover, in relatable language, topics such as cloud computing integration, enterprise architecture and AI in the cloud. His audience includes executives and technologists, a sure sign he has invaluable insight that appeals to all.


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100 leading IT sites to watch

13. Rick’s Cloud

Rick Blaisdell’s blog covers a range of areas from cloud computing, virtualization, and software development, to strategic planning, project management, and business strategy. The posts typically deal with how these areas connect with information technology.

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