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Artificial Intelligence

In 2019 we will see some more creative implementations of AI in different areas. Read on to find out more!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - two concepts and technologies with massive impact on the business world and our daily lives. We're not surprised to see how fast these technologies have grown. If we analyze the latest gadgets we can

Artificial Intelligence is at the top of the technology discussions today. The advancements made in this field have transformed how things were traditionally done. Let’s take the recruitment process as an example. Do you think that companies recruit new talents

For many years, scientists have tried to find out if humans are the only beings that can think on their own and are as intelligent. After a long journey and discoveries, it seems like machines can become as intelligent, in

How far do you think that AI has grown? What else can be achieved with the help of intelligent machines? Well, it is almost endless. The current status of AI is impressive. The usage of AI-powered technologies is spread across various

We’ve been discussing a lot about AI and ML lately. And there’s no wonder why. They have given people and companies the opportunity to reach unexpected capacities. I talked about this topic in other infographics that I made for you,

Artificial Intelligence is on our minds this year. A perfect storm of interest came from companies all around the world, and the level of data as well as the higher computer power are boosting, even more, the general growth of

A few weeks ago I discussed in an infographic about the power of Intelligent Automation. Well, that was only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other things to say about this technology, and that’s why I decided to

The old ways of managing business processes are facing a paradigm shift. The previous back-office support systems are being dismantled to make space for new conceptions made possible by the latest technologies and artificial intelligence. Altogether, these technologies promise to

What is Machine Learning? And how is it different from Artificial Intelligence? Those are only two questions I’ve been dealing with since technology developed massively. What’s even more interesting is that those two technologies are trendy lately, despite the fact that

In my previous articles, I’ve been talking a lot about Artificial Intelligence and how it can help companies around the world organize their processes better. But are all companies ready to implement AI at its best? The answer is yes. Some

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. That’s what we hear on the news. And I agree with that statement. As time passes technology evolves and gives companies real competitive advantages on the market. According to studies, the investments in AI

At the edge of Artificial Intelligence, when technologies become smarter and easier to use, keeping up with the competition can be challenging. While Apple had Siri and Google had Google Now, Microsoft’s first significant investment in AI was in Cortana.

While much attention is granted to the dangers of artificial intelligence and its capacity to automate processes, the technology has an excellent potential to improve the world. From revolutionizing industries to helping us protect the environment, AI could be the

Technology has finally found it’s way into all industries, and Artificial Intelligence is at the top of the list. We’ve seen how this intelligent technology made massive improvements in sectors such as automotive, healthcare, science and others. The current technologies

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