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Decoding Your Confusion while Coding From The Programmer’s Brain by Felienne Hermans This article covers: - Discriminating the different ways you may

IntroductionBusiness Activity Monitoring (BAM) is not a new concept as large enterprises have always been trying to build their custom tracking solutions to achieve end-to-end distributed tracing.But there were problems with building a customized BAM solution, including not using it across different

What is “Go?”There are currently many great development languages that are used for creating SaaS applications. In the past 5+ years, I have worked with Go developers and have experienced many successes using this language. Go is a language that

Since the invention of the internet, the next big thing on the horizon is smart cities. The definition of smart cities is always evolving. But certain benefits like increased convenience, natural resource management, and road traffic management are often associated

A few years ago, in 2015, cloud computing was still a new concept in everyone’s vocabulary and few had the courage to see beyond and invest more in this technology. Compared to 2015, when the general cloud budget was 2.8$

A simple search for the term “Free VPNs” on the Google Play Store reveals over 250 apps that provide access to a virtual private network. While some of them are good enough for what you need them to do, many

5G technology rises at a relatively short time since we all started using mobile phones. The benefits of such devices were tremendous at the beginning, as we had more flexibility, and the level of efficiency increased. But as time passed,

Diverse industries leverage the potential of AI technology to improve products and services, and here is how we got intelligent cars. As the automotive industry is one of the early adopters of AI capabilities, the results are impressive.AI made

Last week I posted a new infographic on the blog showing impressive statistics about Artificial Intelligence. As mentioned then, my analysis on the topic was complex, so the information gathered was difficult to digest in one piece.I decided to

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most critical technologies today. We can see it everywhere, and even if skeptics say that it isn’t ready to handle new applications, I believe it won’t take long until many tasks are automated thanks

In 2019 we will see some more creative implementations of AI in different areas. Read on to find out more!

We will experience so many advancements this year, and I’m excited to see them in action.

Once again, I found some interesting information about the adoption of custom applications in the cloud. It seems like companies migrate more and more apps in the cloud thanks to the functionalities they offer. These custom applications have a wide

Cybercrime will always be on the cover page. Its importance and relies on the sensitivity of data hacked by malicious people. In the past decade, the technology industry worked continuously to create software and solutions that can protect companies and

Cloud computing changed the way companies operate over the last decade. For the next period, the trends and predictions are even more impressive. Public cloud adoption is expected to grow, as it became a priority for more than a third

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