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Early on Machine learning used to be something that happened behind the scenes. Large companies invested massively in creating smart search engines, which displayed recommendations according to your previous clicks and they would place ads where it’s the most likely

Artificial intelligence has incredible potential to accelerate business functions. Within the next few years, it will undoubtedly revolutionize every industry in our lives, including education, automotive, industry, medicine, and healthcare. I am convinced that it will change healthcare in so

Machine learning isn’t something new to the companies, but technological advances and the massive investments have made it available and accessible to every entrepreneur, no matter how large the business is. According to Forrester’s study, machine learning investments will increase

Finding new applications of AI is not difficult, especially given the massive amount of recent developments and one of the most important industries is using it to make customer’s lives even easier. The automotive industry is under the AI spotlight.

With the speedy integration of artificial intelligence into our daily routines, we are living in the era of yesterday’s science-fiction. We might not be easy to impress nowadays, but the future of AI looks quite interesting. Engineers are trying to

Social Media has been evolving massively in the past few years. We are all using it now, and it allows us to connect with everybody around the world almost immediately. But each piece of technology has its dark side, and

Many years have passed since we started our first blog article.  My first blog post was on the future of cloud computing and how it would be a great investment for companies. It is interesting to look back and see some

Artificial Intelligence is one of my passionate subjects when it comes to new blog articles. AI is also important in my daily life because it has been adopted in almost every industry and it represents a real opportunity for every

Intelligent technologies are improving the way we live. As technology becomes more capable, our world becomes more productive. But despite the improvement to our lives, tech giants as IBM, Amazon or Microsoft, as well as geniuses like Stephen Hawking, believe

Machine learning is a hot topic right now and for good reasons: it is a big step in how computers are able to learn. A machine learning algorithm uses a set of given data to answer different questions. For example,

I never seem to get tired of writing or discussing artificial intelligence and how it can change the world. From the way, we interact with AI to how it is helping our business, AI has made an impression on both

Science fiction stories about how robots will destroy humans in the future have made millions in the entertainment industry. Comics, movies, games and science has been using artificial intelligence in many different ways. However, we can’t stop wondering whether these

I cannot stop thinking about machine learning and plan on writing many more articles on this topic.  This technology is rapidly evolving, artificial intelligence will soon be weaved into everything around us. A few years ago, the movie “Her” hit

The manufacturing sector is one of the largest industries that continues to grow consistently. In 2016, it accounted for approximately 16% of the Global GDP and contributed $2.18 trillion to the U.S economy. What is driving this rapid development? Well,

Watching the rapid pace of technological developments, throughout the last couple of years, makes me think that we’ve reached another major turning point for our society.  Artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, all of these innovations have made our lives

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