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I’ve recently been researching various ways to improve operational efficiency in cloud infrastructure. This led me to the topic of this blog post, GitOps. I hope you enjoy this article and encourage you to reach out if you’d like to

In 2022 we can fairly admit that SaaS platforms have the potential to empower businesses and help them reach the next level. By adopting these solutions, the overall SaaS market is expected to grow exponentially in the next 3 years, thus

Success doesn’t depend on business size! Whether your SaaS business is a small software development group or a large enterprise, it is imperative that you have a great product, excellent customer service, and good marketing. A combination of these three

Introduction Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is not a new concept as large enterprises have always been trying to build their custom tracking solutions to achieve end-to-end distributed tracing. But there were problems with building a customized BAM solution, including not using it across different

Even without perusing IT research and assessments on SaaS deployment, one could tell that even if a company doesn't do it now, they would still have to opt for a SaaS deployment in the nearest future. Such is the reality

COVID-19 pandemic has seen a lot of companies take a dip this year. For some companies, the timeline for attaining organizational goals and visions has had to be extended. Even worse, some others have had to close up shop permanently. What

Cloud computing is much more than just making use of on-demand servers if organizations want to capture its full benefits. Cloud it’s about leveraging economies of scale through automation, and about moving to global applications, not just enterprise applications.  2016

Cloud computing is a disruptive technology model that is changing the way public sector organizations consume information and communicate, and how they deploy and deliver services to stakeholders. The public sector has not been immune to the appeal of cloud computing,

It’s the 21st century. According to the old Sci-Fi movies, we should all be going to work using rocket belts, have flying car in our garages and be able to go halfway around the world on a hypersonic airliner by

From price wars to new tools and services, the cloud market was buzzing in 2014. Changes in end-user computing strategies are one of the major trends witnessed in this market, and many companies have started to adopt cloud-based solutions. At the

There is a wealth of information on the web about all the different cloud offerings from different vendors. While cloud is now a validated delivery model for a whole host of IT services, it can be very hard to ascertain

In a world dependent on technology, nearly every business relies on fast, efficient, reliable and highly accurate IT solutions in order to compete. Today’s technology environment is also increasingly complex: data centers, cloud services, secure networking, mobile devices, custom applications

Now that cloud computing technology has already gone past the infancy stages, many industries have already realized the benefits it provides, and have already started adopting and integrating the technology to their businesses. One key sector that stands to benefit

Agility is the ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the business environment. Business agility can be achieved by quickly adapting goods and services to meet customer demands. Basically, agility is a

The days of carrying data in flash drives have come and gone. The cloud has become a place where everyone meets and exchanges information, and many people now resort to personal cloud accounts in order to backup, store, and access