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Big Data

Today, business and private sectors are undergoing a massive shift towards digitalization. And with expected annual revenue of $68.09 billion by 2025, big data will continue to be at the core of this digitization, affecting business decisions and pushing the limits

During the last few years, the world has changed and continues to evolve rapidly. Similarly, the way organizations process and store data is changing, too. Since data is a critical element of most businesses, it needs to be managed and

Cybersecurity is one of the most debated topics in the past years. There’s no doubt that it is a serious challenge for any company. Not long ago I decided to start documenting around data breaches costs, the top industries targeted

We often hear about security breaches that companies of all sizes experience. What are the consequences of a security breach? Well, it depends. A significant attack on a company’s data can lead to even bankruptcy. Why is this happening? In

Big Data and more specifically, Big Data as a Service is the concept that changed the world. That’s for sure. The amount of data that we are exchanging or storing is truly impressive, and what’s most dazzling is that we’ve

In my previous article, I discussed machine learning and how it can improve any business, regardless of the industry but now, I want to share with you some interesting insights about Big Data and the vital role it plays in

The Robots are here - during the last couple of years, Big Data and Machine Learning have changed the entire business landscape and reshaped everything we knew was possible. In this article, we will discuss machine learning and how you

Today, technology has everyone's attention by bringing new technologies which is making our lives easier.  Smart devices, smart cars, smart roads, smart homes, even smart cities, all of these technologies are here to redefine the way we live. It’s a smart

Internet of Things and Big Data were big game changers for 2016.  Whether we are talking about industries like financial, healthcare, manufacturing, or automotive, these two technologies brought significant benefits and solved problems that plagued companies in the past. Here

It’s a well-known fact that the Internet of Things opened for us doors that brought us closer to a whole new generation of technology - smart homes, smart cars, smart cities. However, it did much more than that.  It also

Artificial intelligence, the next big thing that caught everyone’s attention and has mesmerized the entire world. Back in the day, A.I seemed like a futuristic movie, now A.I is part of our daily lives, integrated into many of the things

Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data are the pioneers of the new world and transformed us toward the ultimate power, which is information. From smart homes to smart cars and smartphones, we are all surrounded by the power

Internet of Things is re-engineering the world! With more than 300K searches on Google, per month and more than 4,500 tweets per hour, IoT is still a hot topic when it comes to driving innovations. However, Internet of Things doesn’t

Cloud computing has known a huge expansion over the last years and is becoming worldwide adopted, facilitating organization-wide functionality, including online learning. Many companies are looking to improve their employees training results with minimum costs on resources. With more than 6.3

No more than five years ago, the only people who looked for “gigs” were musicians. The rest of us found “real” jobs that paid a fixed salary every month, allowing us to take paid holidays and forming the basis of